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There is more to life and you need to experience it.

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Potential, meet Opportunity

An opportunity to discover the real you
Your calling is where your passions and gifts intersect with the needs of the world.

The real you, is the one that is most like Jesus operating in the calling you were created for.

Motion College is an opportunity for you to discover what makes you significant.
You are significant
You matter, your choices matter and what you do has the power to impact eternity.
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Your questions have answers

Wondering what this program could look like for you? We are here and would love to talk!

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Make A lasting Difference


You want to leave your mark on the word, but struggle to see the power of Jesus fully in your own life. Deep down knowing that there is more to your journey with God, but dont know how to break out of the day to day.

Stop waiting for someone to launch you into your God-given destiny.

Combine Truth with Action

If people believe they can change the world and are empowered to do so, they will.

Discover your purpose