Our Focus

What we do

These are the three main streams of focus during a year at Motion College.

Classes in Theology

We believe that God and the Bible make sense! The Bible isn’t just a book full of stories, but actually God showing us who He is. In this area we’ll dive deep into what He says and the basic systems and structures found in scripture.

Old and New Testament Survey
Holy Spirit
Life of Christ
Basic Doctine 1 & 2
Leading People
Local Church
Passions and Values
Old books stackedTwo woman talking

Leadership Training

Somethings are caught and somethings are taught. Leadership is learned in both these ways. That’s why at Motion College we believe in leadership training through mentorship and tradition classes. You can expect hands on practice leading in a variety of areas.

Leadership Roles during servcies
Serving in a wide range of ministries
Hands on ministry
Character growth
A row of people sitting in church reading their biblesWoman worshipping

Soul Care

An emotionally healthy soul lived out can lead to lasting transformation and freedom.  We want you to be the best you, who God created you to be, and live the abundant life Jesus died for you to have.

Develop Godly Beliefs
Heal Soul Spirit Hurts
Biblical Thinking
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